Services Offered by AEV

As well as our famous 6WD Conversion and VDJ79 Coil Conversions, here are some other services that we offer.


Wholesale Automatics installer

We are the only authorised installer of Wholesale Automatic Transmissions in North Queensland.  All work is done in house by our experienced team.

JMACX GVM Upgrade 79 Series Diff

JMACX GVM Upgrade 79 Series Diff


This can be as simple as a 10% GVM upgrade allowed under QLD Transport Regulation to larger upgrades including stronger rear diff housing and upgraded suspension.  Service includes any engineering required and the QLD Modification Plate.

Note:  This option will require upgraded suspension.  If you don't already have this, we can arrange and install new suspension to meet the requirements.


Chassis extensions

This option can be completed on a variety of vehicles for a number of reasons.  From a VDJ79 Dual Cab getting a 300mm extension for a larger tray more centrally located over the axle, to a VDJ200 wagon getting a Dual Cab conversion and a 600mm extension for large tray and GVM upgrade.  These extensions are all engineered in house by our Mechanical Engineer and fully certified for QLD roads.

Suspension (2).jpg

Suspension Installation

From standard height replacement to a 2 inch upgrade, all the way up to 4 inch (if viable) we can fulfil your suspension wishes.  We use brands such as EFS, Dobinson, Ironman, Icon, and can get many more.  Call in and see what we can do for you.


Other modifications authorised by qld transport

Whether it is long range fuel tanks, seating number changes, automatic gearbox conversion, and many others, we can engineer and certify the modifications you need to make your vehicle great.