79 Series Landcruiser

The 79 series of Landcruiser is our most popular model.  From simple GVM Upgrade with track correction on the VDJ79, auto conversions in the HDJ79, chassis extensions in the VDJ79 Dual Cab, Coil Conversions, to full 6x6 conversions, AEV does it all.


VDJ79 D-Cab extension and coil conversion

This vehicle includes a 300mm chassis extension to allow for a bigger tray and centre it over the rear axle. It has a JMACX coil conversion with heavy duty coils allowing a GVM upgrade to 3.9 tonne.  An ARB Bullbar and sidesteps added along with a winch.  Gearbox was converted from standard 5-speed manual to 6 speed automatic.


VDJ79 Coil conversion

A unique rig that can be seen in the Townsville area, this vehicle started with a coil conversion with a bright red powder coated cradle.  Topped off with a 4" lif, ICON custom shocks, and bright red powder coated radius arms from JMACX. Top that off with a beautiful tray and this vehicle stands out from the crowd.


2017 VDJ79 6x6

A brand new single cab, this vehicle was converted to 6x6.  Suspension is 100% EFS and the 6WD conversion is from JMACX Offroad Solutions. The owner is building his own tray.


2017 VDJ79 Coil Conversion

Dual Cab with coil conversion with heavy duty EFS Coils.  Airbag man airbags installed to aid with towball weight.  EFS coils front and ICON Custom shocks at all four corners.  A Norweld Tray and canopy complete the package.